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Dry Bulk

We specialise in bespoke transport solutions for the chemicals and minerals industries. We transport your raw materials and products nationally and internationally with our modern fleet of silo trucks and tankers. We are committed to workplace safety, environmental protection and reliability in every job we do.

How you benefit
with Imgrund

We offer a complete range of services for your transport needs: With our decades of experience and a versatile fleet of silo trucks and tankers ranging in capacity from 40 to 93 cubic metres, we can provide a tailored and efficient solution for any situation. The same applies to special requirements – as well as conventional silo truck transport, we are also specialists in hazardous goods transport, jumbo silo truck transport and vacuum silo truck transport. Our flexibility gives you a decisive competitive edge.


Dry bulk transport with all-round service

  • Decades of experience in transporting granulates and powders in the chemicals and minerals industry
  • Versatile, certified transport solutions from one single source (e.g. SQAS, ISO9001 and GMP)
  • Modern fleet and highly trained workforce
  • Dedicated vehicles: We expand our fleet and our equipment to match your needs
  • Investment and continuous process optimisation reduce your costs
  • High planning reliability thanks to our dedicated workshop and multiple operating centres in Germany
  • Expertise in transport subject to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

Your specialist for
Dry bulk transportation

Together, we find the right transportation solutions for you. Contact us today: Fast. Easy. Personal.

Hermann Imgrund
Head of Transport Solutions

T   +49 (0) 2803 / 4711

Dry bulk

Our fleet of over 150 vehicles offers the right solution for every job. We continue to invest in innovative technology, low-emission engines and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure sustainable and efficient transport.

38 m3 slurry silo truck

40 m3 silo truck

52 m3 silo truck

60 m3 silo truck

90 m3 silo truck

60 m3 vacuum truck

60 m3 ADR tanker

„Our decades of expertise are the key to your success. With our fleet, we master every challenge.“

Hermann Imgrund
Head of Dry Bulk

Great Logistics

Quality assurance is our top priority. Of course, we regularly put this standard to the test and have the results certified.

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