Hazardous Materials

Safety is paramount in any industry that deals with hazardous substances. We meet this requirement with our transport services for granulated, pulverised and powdered hazardous materials and ensure strict compliance with all safety regulations.

Highest safety level
when handling hazardous materials

Any substance classified as a potential hazard is subject to strict and precise guidelines, with the safety of people, animals and the environment always having priority. We ensure this with our trained specialist staff, sophisticated security system, modern IT processes for transport planning and scheduling, in-depth expertise and the use of specialised vehicles. These measures allow to meet international safety standards. This enables us to offer end-to-end transport services along the entire hazardous materials value chain.


Our benefits for the hazardous materials industry

  • Services for granulated, pulverised and powdered hazardous materials
  • Strict safety rules for handling hazardous materials
  • Trained specialised staff, sophisticated security system, comprehensive expertise
  • Use of specialised vehicles (e.g. compliance with the IMDG standard)
  • Compliance with international ADR provisions
  • Transportation across Europe

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