Animal Feed

Logistics solutions for agricultural products and animal feed require a particularly high level of awareness and attention. We are GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified for both transport and storage to ensure the required level of hygiene, purity and quality of your raw materials and products. Our GMP+ safety system ensures that any risks to humans, animals and the environment are completely excluded.

Safe handling of
agricultural products and animal feed

Our aim is to offer you complete solutions and by doing so guarantee the best possible service. As a part of this, our full service goes beyond transport to include warehousing and value-added services. Our specialists support you in the development of smooth processes and guide you from the initial consultation through to final implementation – always with your individual needs in mind.

Our fleet is tailored to the needs of agricultural and animal feed transportation and is constantly being modernised and upgraded. We are committed to an environmentally friendly fleet and the efficient use of our vehicles.


Our benefits for the feedstuffs industry

  • Our GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification ensures that your products are transported hygienically and cleanly
  • Modern fleet and highly trained workforce
  • Long-standing experience in transporting feedstuffs by silo truck
  • Optimisation of processes and investment in a vehicle fleet tailored to animal feed
  • GMP+-certified warehouse locations for storage and handling

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Warehouse logistics

Port handling

Value-added services



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Quality assurance is our top priority. Of course, we regularly put this standard to the test and have the results certified.

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